USA Rugby CIPP and Player Dues


According to USA Rugby: “In order to practice and/or compete in any rugby-related competition, the following registration conditions must be met: All players must have a current, paid registration with USA Rugby and appear on the online roster as a player for the current registration period.”

Players need to get their CIPP done immediately. It’s simple:

  1. 1) First go to
  2. 2) Returning players should Login, New Players should Join USA Rugby
  3. 3) Either choose Renew Membership from the left column, or just follow steps to create membership


The Importance of Paying Your Dues

The Rochester Rugby Football Club has existed for nearly a half-century because of the sense of obligation that each member has exhibited over the decades. We all donate our time, sweat, and blood to be an Aardvark. And while sometimes it feels like we’ve given all we can on the pitch, that’s only 1/2 the battle. Being one of the only clubs in the United States that owns and maintains its own facilities, and fully fields two-plus competitive sides, we each shoulder a fiscal responsibility to the team, as well. Each one of us must step up and contribute.

NEW THIS SEASON: Payment Options to meet all budgets.

Please Note: You must create a Paypal account, or use an existing Paypal account in order to use these payment options. Do not try to pay as a guest. You will get errors.

A little now, A little later
2 monthly payments
Free hugs from Sandwich
1x pass at the Barrel of Dolls
Keep em comin
12 monthly payments
Free boat race vs. Mullet
1x Zulu
Rookie Dues
For the First Timers
Special Reduced Rate for first year players

Note: Dues beginning this season will cover both fall and spring seasons, from August 31, 2017 – August 30, 2018. 12 monthly payment option is only available until the end of August.